It’s so hard to resist: just one more episode, and one more after that. Before you know it 4am is here and you’ve got work in 5 hours. But it’s not the lack of sleep that kills you the next day, it’s the craving for just one more episode of that show that has you hooked. If you’ve just finished a series like this then have a look through this list of the most addictive TV shows of all time, and soon enough you’ll have another series to feed your boxset addiction.

1. Game of Thrones

No explanation needed here. Game of Thrones is the definitive phenomenon of this era of TV, so this entry should only be news to people that have lived under a rock since 2011. There’s sex, violence, royalty, dragons, zombies, political intrigue and the funniest dwarf on TV. What’s not to love?

2. The Simpsons

From the manic mind of Matt Groening, The Simpsons is an animated series that shouldn’t need an introduction as it’s known around the world and translated into dozens of languages. This critically acclaimed cartoon shows us life inside the most dysfunctional family of Springfield, their friends, family and the rest of the wacky inhabitants.

3. Friends

Possibly the most famous sitcom in the world and easily up there with the most addictive, Friends would make us laugh until we hurt while leaving us wondering at the end of every week how the characters would end up. Would Ross and Rachel get together for good? Will Chandler and Monica last? Will Joey ever make it big as an actor?

4. The Walking Dead

The story here takes us to a post-pandemic world in which a virus has wiped out virtually all of the world’s population by turning them into zombies. We witness of the few human survivors to stay safe in this environment infested with zombies or walkers, as they’re referred to in the show.

5. Breaking Bad

A true culture phenomenon that had viewers desperately waiting on the outcome for Walt and Jesse, Breaking Bad ramped up the danger levels week after week until the tension was just about unbearable. Start to finish the most addictive 5 seasons of television you’ll find.

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