By Christian Duell

My Delicious Year

Bree presenting at Pecha Kucha Brisbane

This week in the midst of travelling and new time zones Friday snuck up on me, and I forgot to invite Brodie to contribute this week’s Who’s Awesome? Scratching my head, and contemplating the people and the stories that I’ve come across during my last two weeks in Europe, out of every story that comes to mind one stands out.

This week’s Who’s Awesome is Brigitte Cumming (or Bree as I’ve known her my whole life). Bree is my older sister and she has inspired me so much this year by how she has chosen to Be Awesome! 

In January this year she made a choice to challenge herself. Passionate about cooking but fed up with accumulating a wealth of magazines and books and a disproportionately small amount of great meals, she decided to put all of her cooking books into storage with the exception of her 12 year subscription to Delicious magazine. 2013 was to become the My Delicious Year and Bree set herself the challenge to cook exclusively for 365 days from her Delicious magazine collection.

What’s inspired me most about Bree is the way that she has followed her curiosity and passion for cooking and how this has presented her little challenges and opportunities along the way. She’s had to step up to each of these challenges and she’s grown from each experience. Starting with building an online community, starting the monthly My Delicious Year cook-alongs, securing part-time work in a restaurant and more recently stepping up to the challenge of presenting at Pecha Kucha Brisbane.

I’ve watched her continually stretch a little outside her comfort zone and grow. All from that one choice to follow her curiosity and Be Awesome! You can check out her blog My Delicious Year or sign up on Facebook for the next cook-along.



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