By Brodie Drysdale.

When was the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone? For me, it was last Wednesday.

I need to go back a few weeks to explain. Not long ago Who’s Awesome was a clip called “Baby & Me” and was an example of embracing our inner child. What had led me to this video was a conversation with my Dad about finding more excitement in my life and him suggesting I try doing things that I loved as a child. So, I thought back to being a child and I realised so many of my happy memories as a little girl involved dancing.

Skip forward to last Wednesday.

It was with sweaty hands, churning stomach and that feeling of being the new kid in town that I walked alone, like a deer in headlights, into my first commercial jazz dance class.  I would love to tell you that as the music kicked off I became Beyonce and had bootie that bounced like a basketball but the truth is that I was awkward, slow, confused and fumbling. Instantly my fear of being seen less than perfect kicked in, self consciousness flooded my body and my eyes locked onto the nearest exit. Just as my feet started to head toward the door the words of the super awesome Mastin Kipp flooded into my brain and I decided to just give myself permission to suck. I allowed myself to just go for it, right moves, wrong moves, in time or not and it was at that moment that I started to have tonnes of fun.

I left my first class smiling, energised and possessing a new move that will be coming to a dancefloor near you soon. (Twerking, google it!)

This weeks Who’s Awesome is a very enigmatic young man named Jordan. In the following video he delivers a speech that can only be described as Being Awesome and encourages us all to step that tiny bit outside of our comfort zone and in his words “enter the petrified jungle and join in the dancing”. He encourages us to dive into vulnerability and reap the rewards on the other side. He shows how our courage and willingness to be vulnerable might inspire others to do the same because in the end we are all in this arena of life together.

Have a twerk-tastic weekend stepping outside of your comfort zone and choosing to Be Awesome.

B x

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