Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

30 days might not seem very long but it’s long enough to achieve something awesome!

Matt Cutts, works for Google and perhaps it was a bit of the Google culture that challenged him to Be Awesome and take more control of his life.

In 2009 after realising he had become “stuck in a rut” he decided to set himself a 30 day challenge to walk 10,000 steps every day that month.

He’s since gone on to adopt the 30 day challenge mentality to cross off a number of dreams from his bucket list like following a vegan diet, learning to play the ukelele, getting eight hours sleep a night and doing something nice for his wife everyday.

As Matt says, “What are you waiting for? I guarantee you that the next 30 days will pass, whether you like it or not, so why note thinking about something you’ve almost wanted to try and give it a shot.” What an awesome choice!

Read the full story about Matt on the SMH website and check out Matt’s TED talk below.

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